About us

The Deventer System editorial team comprises Sebastiaan Ostkamp (Specialist Archaeological Research), Aleike van de Venne (Kerament) and Mieke Tolboom (BAAC). Ostkamp and Van de Venne focus on pottery, Tolboom on glass. An editorial board is in the process of being formed.

Nan van der Meer (Zwolle) has played an indispensable role in data entry for years. 

The website has been operational since June 2019. It was designed and is maintained by Jan Verhoek (Javinto). It was created thanks to funds from the Ruud van Beekstichting and a contribution from the Smeele van der Meulen Ceramics Foundation. Presently, the website is maintained through subscriptions. 

Ownership of the Deventer System lies with the ANBI Archaeology Promotion Foundation (SPA) Research Foundation